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I Won the Lottery and You Did Too

ears in the past, my first-class pal known as even as I changed into reading for a check and told me that the lottery was at $200 million.

I informed her I had $five.00, gave her my numbers,  bandar togel  and he or she offered my price ticket.

That night she called and stated “girl you gained, no longer the huge one but you have got four of the six numbers.” I thought I would have at least $50,000 or $one hundred,000.00

The subsequent day, she referred to as, “how’s your analyzing?”

I stated “OK, how’s my money?”

She stored announcing “how’s your studying?”

I asked, “what did I win?”

There were a whole lot of those who had 4 of the six.”

I said “is that every one?”

Remember, I loaned you the $5.00 to buy the tickets.”

So 4 out of six offers me $fifty four.00 simplest because she wasn’t charging for her fuel or her time.

I stored pronouncing $fifty nine.00.

for the time you lost dreaming approximately that $50,000 or $one hundred,000.”

I was so close but to date away with four of six numbers.

When the lottery greenback quantity is massive, it brings quite a few excitement. Everyone talks approximately it. The postman advised us, if we win, no mail on Monday, my whole workplace changed into in a pool. If we win, my staff says, they won’t be in on Monday. “If you win,” I instructed them, “at least come by means of and say goodbye and take us to lunch.”

But I have discovered it’s far tough to win the lottery. This is a game in which practice does now not make you higher.

The latest MegaMillions lottery become really worth $640 million, this was a massive one, and I agree with it’s miles worth a $5.00 funding.

Americans spent almost $1.Five billion for a danger to hit the jackpot. With the jackpot odds at 1 in 176 million, it might value $176 million to buy up each combination.

Three humans received, one in Illinois, Kansas, and Maryland.

So I learned at a younger age, that the lottery would not pay maximum of us. However, I received the lottery that certainly can pay off: the lottery of lifestyles. I exceeded that check, and later graduated from faculty. That was a certain guess.

Will all of us play again? Yes, however in the intervening time, we need to maintain believing in ourselves and try to make top things take place.

You cannot desire or wish that desirable things will occur. You must stay prepared, and work your plan. This is the way you win the lottery of life.

So my prescription for you on a way to win the lottery: play the 854, work 8 hours regular, 5 days every week, 4 weeks each month. Yes, it takes difficult paintings to make desires come true, but it will pay off.

We have to maintain an mind-set of gratitude, and continue to be thankful for our kids, spouses, prolonged own family and excellent health. After all, those are the valuable matters in life. Reminding ourselves of these items will fortify that “I received the lottery and you probably did too.”

Featured on NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS, Winifred Bragg, MD is a keynote speaker, writer and doctor.

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Seen on ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS, Dr. Bragg is a nationally recognized speaker on the subjects of success and leadership mastery. Her keynotes, breakouts and packages are specially geared for university students, company leaders and ladies’s companies.

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